Find out why passive smoking can be dangerous?

Find out why passive smoking can be dangerous?

Smoking is bad for health, it is a good thing, and many of you will not even do it. But if I tell you that it is not necessary that if you do not smoke then you will be left with the side effects because it is the second one The aspect also is that passive smoking, which is equally dangerous to you as much as active smoking. Active smoker is the person who is smoking himself, so let’s talk a bit more about this –

There are different laws regarding active smoking in developed countries and almost all countries and generally prohibit smoking in BD, cigarette or other methods at any public place, but there is no strict law in this regard and there is a reason behind this. Is there. The reason is that any person who is smoking himself is not only hurting himself with health and wealth, but he is also harming other people around him as his BD The smoke coming out of the cigarette is also going on in the body of other people, because of which they also have to withstand the same smoking side effect that cigarette drinkers have. This phenomenon is called passive smoking.

As a definition, it will say, “When someone is drinking cigarettes, then that event will be called active smoking and the person has an active smoker and the person standing next to him with the smoke is not allowed to take the smoke left by him. If he is doing, he will call the passive smoker and the incident as passive smoking. ”

It is also called Second Hand Smoking (SHS) or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). Given the equally serious side effects of this, governments around the world have crowded the public, public places or at such places, to prevent smoking. In India, there is a law nowadays which is known as the Prohibition of Discrimination Act 2003 and under this law –

  • Whether in any public place, whether it is a government building or office or an educational institution or a school or college and rail station or bus station. Even the common people can come and smoking at those places will be forbidden and if there is a defamation, then there is a provision for a fine of 200 rupees.
  • The act of selling tobacco products to any child below the age of 18 years has been kept in the category of serious offense under which a penalty of up to Rs one lakh can be fixed along with seven years of sentence.
  • Apart from this, you can see the complete information about this act by clicking on the Prohibition of Discrimination Act 2003 , in which detailed information about the law can be complied with.

The secondhand smoke (SHS) is the following losses from passive smoking: –

  • The harm caused by normal smoking is similar to that of a person who is absorbing the smoke, is also prone to side effects, including cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and liver and bladder cancers. The risk is included.
  • At the same time, the risk of problems related to heart increases also, and also increases the risk of developing asthma and some brain problems such as dementia, lack of ability to recognize, decrease in brain efficiency, and severe illness.

Now you can understand that standing with a cigarette drinker is as dangerous as drinking cigarettes, keep this in mind in the future, and avoid the loss of passive smoking. You can email us for more information about this.

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