Keep this place at home to enhance happiness and happiness in life

Every corner of the house is connected to some planet. By organizing all the corners of the house you can make your horoscope better. If the planet is weak in the horoscope, then it can strengthen the horoscope planets by correcting some of the adjacent house. If there is some defect in any part of the house then planets related to the horoscope are affected.

Home gates:

The main door of the house is the sun of your horoscope. This place should always be kept clean. This place should have a light on the sun. This will increase your respect. As well as symbolizing your religion.

Home Drawing Area:

This place of the house is related to the moon. Always keep this place safe. You should not have too much luggage. It does not have the mental state of women in the home better.


This place of the house relates to Mars and Sun. At this place, the sun should be light. As well as keeping all the things well The color of the kitchen should be kept red or orange until it becomes well. That’s why people’s health in the home will be good.


This place is home to Venus. A light should be painted at this place. This leads to happiness and prosperity in life.

Home Worship Place:

This place has a relationship with Mercury and Saturn. Keep in mind that this place is always sacred. There should not be more idols in the temple. As well as worship at sunset.


This place relates to Rahu Ketu and Saturn. Reduce the use of water in this place. Arrange air and light as soon as possible. When the bathroom door should not be open.

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