Make such feet in the rainy season, gentle and beautiful

Make such feet in the rainy season, gentle and beautiful

Make such feet in the rainy season, gentle and beautiful :In rainy season, watery roads, cold environments and sealings cause considerable damage to the feet. Due to the viscosity of the shoes, shingles, itching and red rashes start to fall on the legs.

In such a case, Beauty Expert believes that monsoon seasons require more foot care. Apart from this, some precautions and Ayurvedic remedies can be avoided by diseases caused by foot and fingers infection.

During the rainy season, wearing slippers and open sandals is more useful because it keeps the air in the feet. Also helps sweat to dry, but the dirt on the feet due to open footwear and dust accumulates, which can damage the feet.

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Take care of such feet in the shower –

  •  Pay special attention to cleaning the feet while bathing in the morning.
  • Allow them to dry well after washing feet.
  • Sprinkle the taluk powder between the toes of the feet.
  • If you wear shoes off, then spray the tailpum powder inside the shoes.

After reaching home after a day of fatigue, add some salt in cold water and soak the legs well and then let the feet dry.

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Home remedies for foot care in rainy season-

-Foot soak : Put one fourth of hot water, half cup crushed salt, ten drops of lemon juice or aromatic oil of orange in the bucket. If you sweat more than your feet, then some drops mix Tea-Oil, as it contains antibacterial ingredients. At the same time, it also helps to remove stomach. Soak soak the feet for 10-15 minutes in this mixture.

– Lotion: Prepare a mixture of 3 teaspoon rose water, 2 teaspoon lemon juice and one spoon pure glycerine. After applying it for half an hour on the foot, dry the feet after washing it with fresh clean water.

– Dryness Foot Care: Fill cold water up to a quarter of a bucket and soak two teaspoon honey one spoon herbal shampoo, one spoon almond oil in this water and soak for 20 minutes in this mixture. Wash and wash the feet with fresh clean water.

– Killing Massage Oil: Add 100 ml olive oil, 2 drops of eucalypti oil, 2 spoonful of daily oil, 3 spoonful of khas or rose oil and put this mixture in airtight glass jar. Massage the foot with this mixture every day. It will give coolness to the feet and it will keep it healthy by providing skin protection.

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