Pimples are so troublesome to adopt these 7 tips

Pimples are so troublesome to adopt these 7 tips

Pimples are so troublesome to adopt these 7 tips : If you are bothered with Pimples and despite the efforts of millions, the pimples are not cured, then get help from the tips given here ….

Acne is a common problem and most of the young women use toothpaste, lemon etc. to get rid of it, which can also damage the skin. Experts say that acne does not even touch the affected area.

“The Body Shop’s Shiki Agarwal (Head of Training) and LUMIERE dermatology dermatologistKiran Lohia gave these tips to get rid of acne:

1. Often internal imbalances occur due to hormones, acne emerges. If there is acne due to internal problems, blood is detected by the probe and ultrasound. To avoid acne, eat balanced and healthful diet such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Many people believe that acne causes the skin to be more oily and they start using hard soap or scrub. The truth is that more dry skin can further promote acne.

Scrub increases the likelihood of swelling and redness in the acne and may feel irritation in the face.

3. Treatment of acne can take three to six months. People start losing their patience and use lemons, toothpaste or garlic, which can damage the skin of acne.

4. Wash the face twice a day, if the skin has sufficient moisturerger , then it does not remove its oil, so there is no possibility of acne.

5. Moisturize your skin regularly, so that moisture remains in the skin, if it is raining, then use non-water based moisturizers, due to which moisturizers do not get completely removed from the skin.

6. To keep the bacteria away, wash your hand while applying some cream on the face. There is a possibility of bacterial spread of the affected area continuously, which can lead to acne and acne.

7. T (tea) tree oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal and it is suitable for oily skin. This oil can be used to avoid acne.


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