Take care of the skin in the rainy season, there will be no problem

Take care of the skin in the rainy season, there will be no problem

Take care of the skin in the rainy season : The rainy season has started. Where one gets relief from the heat from the first rain of rain, on the other hand there are many problems related to health and skin problems. Generic problems of acne, itching, burning and red stains are common. In such a case it is very important to take special care of the skin.

Take care of skin in the rain,

Most people avoid moisturizing in rainy season. They think that the skin will become sticky but it is not so. Even in rainy days, skin needs nutrition. Drying the skin again and again in the rain is dry skin. It causes itching and rashage. In such a way, the Moisturizer does not stop putting. You can use oil-free moisturizers if you wish.

Make such feet in the rainy season, gentle and beautiful

– When there is sunlight after rain, it is very sharp. If you have to go out in the sun, then do not leave sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect skin from ultra violet rays.


– In the rainy season the moisture in the atmosphere is high. In such cases, skin pores are also blocked. This often causes acne due to this. You can also use a good anti-bacterial toner.If you are afraid to use toner, then using rose water will also be beneficial for you.

– In the rainy season, most of the diseases spread due to dirt. It is important that you keep cleaning your hands, face and feet from time to time. Try to clean the face twice a day with a good face wash. You can also use Waterproof Cleanser if you wish.

– In the rainy season we often become wet. In this case, the risk of infection is always maintained. Try that your skin does not stay wet till long. Otherwise, fungal infections can occur.

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