What causes diabetes in childhood ?

What causes diabetes in childhood?

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Although the exact cause of diabetes still cannot be found by scientists to date, some facts related to the cause of diabetes can be traced. One fact is that all scientists accept that early childhood diabetes alias type 1 (insulin-based) and adult diabetes alias type-2 (insulin-based) diabetes are due to quite a variety of factors discussed in different sections. To say very briefly about the reasons for type 1 diabetes (type of insulin-based) in childhood, it can be said that the cause of type 1 diabetes is an error in the body’s immune system, which results in insulin-producing cells (beta cells) in the pancreas in the body’s immune system Soldiers (white ones) climb up and gradually all the beta cells are destroyed! But no, the talk is not straightforward and there is no suit. Why does some people’s immune system make such a mistake? Why is diabetes in high-density babies found in diabetes? Can any environment factor contribute to diabetes? There have been many questions for many years. The search for answers to these questions can only give a partial answer to the question, though it is necessary to mention each important factor.

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Hereditary :

Childhood diabetes mellitus is run in the family. A person with diabetes will be found to be diagnosed with diabetes. If one of the twins is diagnosed with diabetes, the other child is more likely to have diabetes than 50 percent.

The possibility of diabetes for different patients with diabetes is as follows: –

  • (1) Five percent of the patient’s siblings or parents; 
  • (Ii) children of a father who has diabetes, six percent; 
  • (3) If the mother and father both have diabetes, then thirty percent of the children;
  • (4) The person who has diabetes with the person’s brother/sister, is likely to have diabetes of thirty percent.

Genital nature of the person (HLA type):

Every person is different from some other person. Each individual cell has its own unique identity. The identity of all cells of a person is different from all other cells of another person. Scientists have studied the identities of these cells and found certain types of proteins responsible for this that are known as HLA. Depending on the protein, the body’s immune system can recognize the distinction between the cells of the cells and the alien cells. We looked forward to the fact that the inability of the immune system to detect diarrhea in childhood diabetes is responsible for the mistake. The person who has certain types of HLA proteins (eg HLA DQB1 – 0302/0201)), such an error of immune system is more common.

Virus Infection:

Why diabetes occurs and not to others, despite having a similar heritage or similar HLA type? Scientists searching for this question found that a sudden increase in childhood diabetes patients after spreading the infection of certain types of viruses. According to a Swedish study, after a gallop surgeon and a study by Britten, the incidence of diabetes increases after the spread of coccyx virus infection. According to the current theory, due to virus infections, there are some changes in the cells of the pancreas in the pancreas or in the immune system cells, which destroys the immune system directly attacking beta cells, resulting in insulin production decreases and diabetes occurs. Apart from this, any other external factors (medicine, food, etc.) may also be responsible for starting diabetes, research is ongoing. It is not possible to tell if some people will get diabetes even after doing so much research.


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